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In this category we offer a variety of high class and innovative chain systems as well as customized service features. As one of the biggest and most modern manufacturers we are based on experience and can look back on a long tradition. In case of challenging problems we can offer the best possible solutions. In all countries of the world our products ensure a safe and sustainable use.

Hero friction welded chain


A new era of chains

Chains have been produced for decades using the samemethodology: cutting steel wire or bar, bending them into the desired link shape and welding them together with energy intensive processes like resistance or flash butt welding.

Forged chain components


The limiting factors of this conventional technology are the  shape of the chain links (round) as well as the weldability of the steel grade, which very much depends upon the carbon content and alloying elements.


pewag hero an innovative friction welded chain goes beyond  these limits and opens the door to a new world of chains.

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