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Industrial Applications

Sprung has an unmatched reputation for providing innovative building solutions to market sectors around the world for over four generations. Whether you need Sprung structure for a permanent or temporary application, you can rely on your custom order to be inventory-ready and quick to build. Offering total design flexibility, Sprung structures can be dismantled, reconfigured, re-erected, or relocated for almost any number of applications. They are also engineered for superior performance, all-weather durability, and cost-effective energy efficiency.

Industrial Fabric Buildings


Mining Buildings

Sprung structures are ideal for mining construction in remote locations, under rigid timelines, with limited foundation requirements. Sprung buildings can be set up immediately and are designed to last for the entire life of a mine. Our optional premium insulation package provides comfortable, liveable spaces for a wide variety of mining infrastructure. Despite being engineered as permanent structures, Sprung’s relocatable, modular design and its ability to be crane-lifted into place allows it to adapt to virtually any mining facility application, including mine production enclosures, ancillary buildings, mining processing facilities, haul truck maintenance facilities and much more.

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