Located in Sandy, Utah, (near Salt Lake City), DeltaValve is a world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of critical service equipment for delayed coking. Our renowned fully automated coke drum unheading valves have become a global standard for safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate coke drum unheading.

Available for both bottom and top coke drum unheading, our valves create a totally enclosed system from the top of the coke drum through to the coke pit, isolating personnel and equipment from coke-drum fallout and other hazards associated with the unheading process.

Another recent innovation from DeltaValve is our retractable center-feed injection device. This device combines the benefits of utilizing fully automated coke drum bottom unheading valves with the benefits of traditional coke drum center-feed injection. Center feed injection creates flow channeling up the center of the coke drum, allowing for even and consistent heating/cooling of the coke drum, and reducing significant coke drum stresses and top head eruptions typically associated with side feed entry.

Other DeltaValve equipment for the delayed coker include a full range of in-line repairable isolation valves, complete hydraulics and controls systems, auto-switch coke boring/cutting tools and enclosures, top head blowout diverters, and more.

Physical/Technical Attributes

GV850 Isolation Valve

Design   ASME B16.32

Construction   Cast

Metallurgy   SA217 GrC12, C5, WC9, WCC, WCB

Seat Style   Dual live-loaded, metal

Actuation   Hydraulic or electric

Shut-off   Double block and purge with 100%

verifiable positive isolation

Positive Lockout   Removable lock-out pin

End Connection   ANSI B16.10 300#, 600#, 900# RF, RTJ

Valve   Size6 - 36 inch

Purge   MediaSteam

Function   On/off, throttling

Application Photos


In-line Repairable Isolation Valves
For DCU Service

DeltaValve’s isolation valves are reliable, low maintenance, tight shut-off isolation valves, designed for high temperatures and harsh applications. The throttling version is capable of operating continuously in the partially open (throttled) position while isolating the body internals from the process. Steam purge requirements for our isolation valves are extremely low. The innovative valve design provides practical and efficient in-line maintenance of all internal components without removing the valve body from the line.

Key Advantages
  • Proven technology

  • Low maintenance

  • Tight shut-off

  • Steam purged

  • In-line maintenance

  • Reliable design